The owners

Owners Trevor Musgrave, Chris Cartner and Ann Gloag have ambitious plans for the old Manston site which has been renamed Stone Hill Park (SHP) – a name that draws on the history of the site in ancient times.

Regeneration experts, Musgrave and Cartner have long experience in taking sites and rejuvenating them, generally with mixed use development.  They continue to develop such sites across the UK.

Stone Hill Park is just one of those sites and plans for proposed regeneration look exciting.  No Night Flights is completely separate to SHP, of course, but we have supported their plans as a viable and preferable alternative to a cargo hub airport at Manston with scheduled night flights.


The descriptions below of the various sites have been taken from one of the owners’ websites here.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park, Kent has the transformation of Pfizer’s former Research establishment (intended for demolition once Pfizer moved out) into a global hub for science and technology where over 2,400 jobs have been created at 125 companies.

St George’s Park

St George’s Park, Sandwich, Kent, is a meadowland development of self-contained neighbourhoods reserved for exclusive self-build homes plus family homes from house builders and ready-to-occupy lakeside apartments.

Wynyard Park

Wynyard Park is a 885 acre Tees Valley site composed of new business park now fully occupied by 63 businesses with 2,000 employees. Adjacent within a woodland and parkland setting, a residential settlement with planning for over 1,000 homes with 500 currently under construction – with retail, leisure, healthcare and education amenities – is under construction by national house builders and self-builders within their own secluded sites.

Flaxby Park

A previous golf course, classified as a brownfield site, the vision for Flaxby Park is a new and beautifully different self-contained settlement with the critical mass to support a diversity of homes and associated social, retail, education and healthcare amenities. It represents substantial benefits to the area to fulfill urgent and demanding housing targets.

Thus in terms of planning and proximity to Harrogate, the site has a head-start for commencing development compared with more distant greenfield options.