Ramsgate Society urges people to protest against RSP’s plans

As we’ve reported before, The Ramsgate Society have strongly objected to RSP’s plans and they urge their members and all who love Ramsgate and its priceless heritage and environment to do the same here.

Their executive committee are preparing their detailed and critical assessment of the proposal and will shortly place these on their website.

If you have not yet responded, go to http://www.rsp.co.uk


CPRE and Ramsgate Town Council latest to object to RSP’s plans for major cargo hub

Campaign for Rural England (KENT)

As the flawed and non-compliant RSP consultation nears its end, more and more voices have been raised in objection to their proposals.

The Campaign for Rural England(Kent) has been forthright in condemning the plans to establish a major cargo hub on the old Manston site.  Submitting their own consultation response to RSP’s consultation, they have made it clear that they oppose the plans.

“We are concerned that the environmental and social impacts of noise and air pollution outweigh the claimed economic benefits. In contrast, the opportunity to convert this brownfield site to mixed commercial and residential use offers more realistic employment opportunities and would help of safeguard the best quality agricultural land which would otherwise be required to meet Thanet’s objectively assessed housing need.”

Key words here are ‘claimed’ and ‘realistic’.  Time and again the claims of RSP and their predecessors, RiverOak, have been found completely lacking in credibility.   Instead, CPRE here talks about the ‘realistic’ prospects of the owners’ plans.  This speaks volumes.

Director Hilary Newport said

“We don’t think a new airport here would provide any overall social or economic benefits, and there is a real danger of converting the site into an airport is that is highly unlikely to be viable, and would therefore again become a blight on the area, and retard the more useful, and economically and socially beneficial uses for another decade.”


CPRE Kent also considers the negative impact of night flights on surrounding communities to be unacceptable.

The consultation period closes on 23rd July. You can read the CPRE consultation response here.

Go to the CPRE page here.

Ramsgate Town Council

Ramsgate Town Council (RTC) is submitting its own response to the RSP consultation and has made it clear that it ‘strongly disagrees’ with the proposal.  Councillors overwhelmingly agreed that the business case was flawed and that it did not provide residents with sufficient information on which to make an informed judgement.  They also were critical of the consultation process itself.  Councillors made clear their views that the proposal would not have positive social and economic benefits for the area.  With regard to scheduled night flights between the hours of 11pm and 7am, RTC strongly condemned any prospect of these, as outlined in RSP’s documentation.

There is a strong UKIP majority on RTC, we welcome the fact the majority of councillors, who strongly supported an airport at Manston as part of their 2015 campaign, have been able to consider the evidence objectively and reject RSP’s plans.

Make sure your voice is heard by 23rd July

The Manston saga limps along, with Riveroak Strategic Partners (RSP) trying to convince everyone that they can jolt some life into the zombie airport.
RSP are applying for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to allow them to develop a 24/7 cargo airport at the old zombie airport at Manston, are halfway through their statutory consultation with us, the public. You may not have heard about it, and that tells a story in itself.
Despite being told by Thanet Council that they need to leaflet ALL of us who are under the flight path to let us know that the consultation is happening, RSP chose not to do so. Instead, RSP’s fans at the Save Manston Airport Association have been encouraging their members (many of whom don’t even live in East Kent, let alone near the flight path) to respond to the consultation saying that everyone here wants a huge cargo airport and planes flying over us.
As residents, and as the people who will be most affected by cargo planes flying over us day and night as well as tens of thousands of extra HGVs on our roads, we need to make sure that our voice is heard too. THE DEADLINE IS 23RD JULY.
You can help by responding to the consultation.
At www.rsp.co.uk/statutory-consultation  you can see all of the consultation documents. You can fill in RSP’s online form or email them at manston@communityrelations.co.uk – whatever method you choose, we advise you to keep a copy of your comments. Surprisingly, some No Night Flights responses to last year’s consultation were, er, “lost” by RSP.
Please tell RSP what you think about 17,000 cargo flights a year (we used to have about 500 at the ‘old’ Manston so this will be a huge) and what you think about scheduled night flights. RSP’s representatives have made it clear to us in the consultation events that there will be night flights.  If they get their cargo flight numbers, we calculate that there will be 12 to 20 on average a night*. You might also want to mention the added pollution; the impact on our tourism industry of cargo planes day and night; and the impact on residents’ health and our children’s’ ability to focus in school if they can’t get a night’s sleep.
We have distributed leaflets to key electoral wards along the flight path but we haven’t covered everyone who will be affected. If you would like to pop some leaflets through doors for us, could you please email us at nonightflights@gmail.com – we already have some volunteers out there, so you would not be alone.
You often ask us what practical help you can give. This is it. Tell RSP, in writing, that we don’t want their cargo planes over us. And tell them before 23rd July.
Any questions, you know where to find us.
*Here’s our calculation re. possible night flights:
The relevant evidence to take into account is this:
·         42% of cargo flights in Europe are night flights
·         58% of cargo flights at East Midlands are night flights
·         32% of cargo flights at Stansted are night flights. This understates the real position as Stansted is using a 2330 to 0600 definition of “night”.
It would be wholly reasonable therefore to assume that 40% to 50% of dedicated cargo flights at a re-opened Manston would be night flights, i.e. 12 to 20 flights on average every night if Manston were to achieve its stated aim of 10,000 to 17,000 cargo flights a year.