The No Night Flights group was started in 2009. Our purpose has always been to oppose all night flights other than humanitarian, mercy or emergency flights at Manston Airport.  The group was set up by residents living under or close to the flight path.

No Night Flights was never anti-airport. It was anti-scheduled-night-flights.  When the airport closed, it looked like the threat of scheduled night flights had disappeared.

However, given the increasingly desperate attempts by some to see an airport on that site, the threat of scheduled night flights remained active and so has our group.  We oppose any attempt to create a cargo hub airport.

Aviation experts have agreed in a variety of independent reports that Manston is simply not viable as an airport.  Yet, we currently have a newly formed company, set up in the secretive tax haven of Belize, claiming that Manston could be a national asset as a major cargo hub airport and wanting the land to be compulsorily purchased from its owners so that it could be run as such.  Any successful, commercially viable cargo airport depends on 24/7 carriers and so the threat of scheduled night flights remains.

Whilst we don’t believe that the attempt that these anonymous investors will be able to demonstrate that the site could become a nationally significant airport, or that a commercially viable cargo airport on that site is possible, we are not prepared to let people play politics with the site or stand idly in hopes that none of this will come to pass.

No Night Flights has always been opposed to scheduled night flights being set up in our area.  It would be a disaster for the local area, for the health and wellbeing of local residents and for the local economy.  We are strongly opposed to shadowy investors and people who live far, far from the flight path trying to impose a dirty, noisy, land-hungry cargo airport on us.


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