Deadline? What do I do?

What do I do?

Write to or phone PINS before the end of the day on 21st December 2018

What do I write or say?

A short, simple message saying you would like to take part in an Open Floor Session on either 1oth (evening) or 11th (daytime) and mention the topics you would like to speak on.

What are the topics, what should I talk about?

PINS have a list of topics at Annex B in this document.  But don’t fret, just put down 1,2,3 or more things you think you can cover in a short spoken comment to them.  We want plenty of you to talk about your lived experience of flights at night, during the day, the impact on your lives, your health, your kids, your work.  All the usual things that you were so brilliant at highlighting when you registered as an interested party.

But I didn’t register as an interested party?

Don’t worry.  You can still speak at an OPen Floor Session

Telephone:0303 444 5000


For fuller information on all of this, see below

We are about to enter the Examination Phase of the DCO.  RSP have applied to the National Planning Inspectorate for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to compulsory repurchase the Manston site and develop it as a 24/7 cargo hub airport.

In October, residents registered as ‘interested parties’ during the pre-examination phase. Now, from January 10th, we will be in the examination phase where the Examining Authority will question the applicant’s (Riveroak Strategic Partners) case and will hear from residents and others about issues connected with the application.

Even if you have already registered, you need to let PINS know if you would like to speak at one of the scheduled meetings in early January.  We obviously want as many of you as possible to register.  You aren’t going to need to make a grand speech.  As little as a minute is fine. You can have 10-20 minutes if you want.

What are the meetings?

On January 9th there is a preliminary hearing meeting.  Basically, this is still part of the pre-examination stage.  It is to give any of us the chance to comment on the process, the procedure.  It ISN’T an opportunity to comment on the merits or demerits of the application itself.  You should only register to go to speak at this meeting if you think PINS haven’t covered all the issues ( see Annex B in this document) that need to be examined in this process.

On January 10th during the day, there is an Issue Specific Hearing meeting which will see the examining panel questioning RSP’s application.  You can attend but this isn’t a meetng for the public to comment at.

On January 10th in the evening, there is an Open Floor Meeting, where the Examining Authority will hear from members of the public.

On January 11th during the day, there is an Open Floor Meeting, where the Examining Authority will hear from members of the public.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to submit a written submission where you can go into detail.  This is a written evidence-driven process.  But the Examining Authority wants to hear from people in the flesh.  Make sure you are there.


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