The silent majority ROAR!

(with thanks to @Love_Ramsgate for image)

Over a thousand of you opposed to RiverOak Strategic Partners’ plans for Manston registered with the national planning inspectorate (PINS) despite the tiny timeframe we were given to do this. WELL DONE!

It’s clear then that a majority are against these plans.  It’s clear that the majority of those opposed to the plans are those most directly affected by them if they happened unlike many of the responses from those in support.


Time and again, ordinary residents demanded to be able to question an application that is fundamentally flawed, inaccurate, confused and confusing and which fails to meet the criteria for a nationally significant infrastructure project.  In response after response, people questioned RSP’s business case (or lack of), funding (lack of), evidence (lack of) and their credibility.

On the pro side, we read the same old myths being trotted out:

  • the longest, widest runway (yawn)
  • it’s either this or houses (yawn)
  • there won’t be night flights (yawn)

…and so on.

On a lighter note, we can all make errors especially if writing in haste, so we have enjoyed some slips of the finger and predictive text typos that have resulted in very funny responses to PINS.  Our favourite two:

  • the hope that ‘Martin’ will soon be reopened as a cargo hub airport
  • the need for an airport so that more ‘gods’ can fly in

More seriously, there are plaintive cries from the pro-airport lobby for jobs and we definitely understand this.  Which makes it all the more cruel and frustrating that people have been sold fantasy figures on jobs, fantasy figures that they will have heard at the shockingly inadequate and inaccurate consultations.

Everyone in the area wants jobs, wants opportunities for the young, wants regeneration.  RSP has nothing to offer us.

We’re glad that everyone has had an opportunity to express their views and to register as interested parties.  We know that hard work, research and effort that so many NNF members have put into this.

At NNF we hope that the Examing Authority, now appointed (see below), will quickly get on with interrogating and dismissing this ludicrous application that should never have been able to proceed this far.


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