Another packed meeting!

Herne Bay residents turn out to find out how to act

Another meeting, hastily called due to the extremely tight schedule of the national planning inspectorate, attracted around 150 Herne Bay residents.

Herne Bay, aligned with the runway at Manston, is also under threat of RSP’s proposals for a huge 24/7 cargo hub airport.  Residents came to hear NNF committee members outline that threat, explain where we are in the DCO process and what they can do to make sure they are registered as interested parties.



If you are new to this page, please read preceding blog posts to find out what you need to do if you are against the proposals.

Quick link here to register directly with PINS.

At the meeting, Chris Wells, former Leader at Thanet District Council, explained how as a supporter of restoring an airport at Manston he became convinced that Manston does not have a viable future as an airport.

I have never seen such an act of conscious self-delusion as local councillors entertain on this subject.  Opinion replaces fact as a matter of course.  The case for Manston does not stack up and there is no independent evidence to support the freight hub proposals.  None.  Indeed, RSP’s forecast supporting their case has been derided by those on whose work it is based.

Residents were grateful for the information they were handed out at the meeting and asked thoughtful questions to help guide their applications.

Act now before it is too late.  You have until 8th October to apply to PINS to register as an interested party.  You should use RSP’s application as a basis for your concerns, outlining which areas you feel are most in need of thorough examination and interrogation by the examining authority.

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