Last chance! Get your submission in now!

Riveroak Strategic Partners (RSP) consultation ends today.  Weren’t aware of it? Didn’t know? You are not alone.

Huge swathes of the flight path have been ignored in their alleedged attempt to contact people affected by their proposal.  We’ve had people contacting us in their droves saying they knew nothing about this.

You need to respond to RSP with your concerns and we’d advise you copy in Thanet District Council as well.  We’d be really pleased if you copied us in too.  All emails provided below.

At No Night Flights we’ve been beavering away on our own submission which may help you with some points of your own.  Apologies, we know it’s long but the consultation that RSP have conducted has been so deeply flawed and inadequate that we needed to go into the detail of this.  It’s still massively clearer than their documentation and much easier to read!

Enjoy it here.

For all your responses:

Send to: (RiverOak)

Copy in: (leader of TDC) (head of planning) (chief executive) (Officer head of local plan ) (planning inspectorate)

For Herne Bay Residents (head of planning and regeneration) (leader of Canterbury City Council)

Also if residents could send us copies of the emails or even just to say you have sent one to the above addresses that would be great. the email address for Nnf is now

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