Angry? You should be. So now what?

RSP says at in their PIER document 12.9.56: “In Year 20 approximately 10,139 dwellings are forecast to be exposed to maximum noise levels in excess of 80 dB LASmax at night.”

What does this mean?

1. 10,139 dwellings probably means 20,000 to 30,000 people
2. 80 dB LASmax means that these people will hear a number of planes, each making a noise of 80dB, at night. 80 dB is loud, very loud, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep
3. What is RSP planning to do to protect these people? Nothing. Absolutely nothing
4. Why is that? Because RSP claims that nobody notices an 80dB plane going over until there have been 18 of them in a night and RSP will have only 8 a might.

You might want to write to our MPs, Gale and Mackinlay, and ask them if this is what they want for tens of thousands of their constituents – up to 18 flights a night at 80dB and no protction from RSP whatsoever. (If it is what they want, let’s vote them out)

You might want to respond to RSP (and do copy PINS) telling them this falls far short of the World Health Organisation’s guidelines (it does) and that it will affect our health and well-being (it will) and that you are against it and that you want RSP to commit to an 8 hour night curfew.

You might want to tell PINS that nobody, nobody, from RSP has explained to you what this means, nor even drawn it to your attention. If you didn’t know that this level of night noise is in RSP’s plans PLEASE tell PINS that you have just learned this from us and that you’re horrified. We’re sure you are.


We’re shocked by just how badly RSP plans to treat us, and our opinion of RSP’s behaviour to the local community was pretty low to start with. Seriously, this makes it clear that they don’t intend to take account of their impact on us at all.

Sadly, there is loads of other stuff like this that RSP is hiding in its 3,900 pages. Don’t feel you need to wait before you tell RSP, PINS and the RSP groupies -Gale and Mackinlay – what you think. Nothing’s stopping any of us from sending in more than one response.

Here’s the list of email addresses to send your response to the RiverOak (RSP) consultation. It’s probably best to send to RSP as the main address and CC the others in. (RSP) (leader of TDC) (head of planning) (chief executive) (Officer head of local plan ) (planning inspectorate)

For Herne Bay Residents (head of planning and regeneration) (leader of Canterbury City Council)
Also if residents could send us copies of the emails or even just to say you have sent one to the above addresses that would be great. the email address for Nnf is now

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