RSP don’t want to inform you – we do!

We know that significant numbers of you under the flight path were not directly contacted by Riveroak Strategic Partners (RSP) to inform you about their consultation.

This doesn’t make for a properly conducted consultation.

No Night Flights has always aimed to make sure that people are in possession of the facts and that they are informed about any opportunity to make their views known.

Thanks, yet again, to the generosity of determined campaigners and residents, we are bringing our latest leaflet to you which gives you key facts and information about the latest consultation.  You should be getting one through your letterbox if you live on the flight path.


Send your views to

Or post to Consultation, Bircham Dyson Bell, 50 Broadway, London SW1H

By 16th February

3 thoughts on “RSP don’t want to inform you – we do!”

  1. When will this Nightmare go away?
    Surely sanity should prevail on this issue – l live directly under the flight path of Manston Airport and would be devastated by any sanction given to RSP to go ahead with their plans for a Cargo Hub, the biggest in the UK with noisy planes throughout the night. Permission for this environmental disaster will pollute our air quality further and clog already busy roads.
    The ‘Carrot’ of hundreds of jobs is blinding many people to the reality of what this decision will mean for the future of the area.
    Businesses will think twice before setting up new ventures in Thanet and hard fought increase in tourism will be badly affected – who wants to be on the beach with planes flying increasingly overhead and their sleep disturbed throughout the night?
    Ramsgate residents can only lose – the only winners will be RSP who only see this area as an opportunity to exploit gullible residents with promises of much needed jobs.

    Let us try to build on the heritage of the site and have mixed use. Thanet has a strong musical history.. Let’s have an aspirational development, production studios, aviation linked businesses with some prestige.


  2. No no no to constant planes 24/7 it’s just not right for the people who live here and Not to mention the damage to the local roads with massive lorries to transport the goods it will be like Dover if not worse ,no enough us enough now come on to who ever is in favour of this you cannot be local or live under the flight path ,let’s keep our part of the country clean


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