Here’s a little quiz for you.


What do the following have in common?

Manston School House Nursery
Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School
The Elms Nursery School
Priory County Infant School
Masque Theatre School
Fledglings Nursery School
Ellington School
Christchurch Church
Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Building
Pie Factory Music

Any thoughts?

Thinking it’s maybe that they provide valuable learning/leisure/spiritual activities for our young people?

Thinking they are vitally important centres for community and other activity?

Thinking they are all schools or nurseries….but wait a minute, there’s a church in there and……

No. These are all non-residential places of activity that will ‘significantly’ be affected by adverse noise effects if RSP get their way.

To quote from RSP’s extensive literature – “the significant effect will be characterised by potential disruption, disturbance or interference with tasks by the users of the buildings.”

“The users of the buildings”. That’s your children. The tasks that might be disrupted – that’s their learning, their reading, their sporting activities, their music playing, their acting, their praying, their ‘quiet’ time, their music listening, their attention to the teacher, their playing, their interaction with their peers. And what about their teachers. Their tasks will be disrupted too. “The users of the buildings” are under threat, make no mistake.

Please draw particular attention to this post to anyone who knows, or loves or cares about ‘users of these buildings’.

The screen shot is taken from RSP’s PIER Vol II Chapter 12.


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