Ramsgate Society concerned about impact on local heritage assets

We were delighted when The Ramsgate Society came out strongly against RSP’s proposals last year and submitted their own very detailed critique of both the consultation and the plans.

The Ramsgate Society continues to express its very serious concerns especially with regard to the lack of information about how RSP might assess the adverse effects of their proposals on tourism and the visitor economy in Thanet  due to noise and air quality impacts.

There is little to inform Ramsgate residents as to whether RSP intend to carry out any serious assessment of the effect of noise on Ramsgate’s historic environment and heritage assets which, of course, include our conservation area and listed buildings.  It is essential that residents are fully aware of how RSP intends to conduct any Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

For those of you interested in this particular aspect of the threat to Ramsgate, this report by Heritage Temple on “The Effects of Airport Noise on the Historic Environment” will prove a valuable read.

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