Keep up the mail to the Planning Inspectorate!

Many have been writing to the Planning Inspectorate to complain about the way that RSP have been conducting their consultation.  Some of these letters are published on their website here but many people are being asked by the Planning Inspectorate to submit their complaints to Thanet District Council and to RSP themselves.

If you have not already, I would advise for you to share your concerns with the appropriate technical department within Thanet District Council in order that they may be considered in the Council’s  preparation of its Adequacy of Consultation Representation; if an application is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

In turn, at NNF we’ve been asking people to do exactly that.  However, we note:

There is no statutory duty under the PA2008 for relevant local authorities to ‘collate and report complaints’ to the Planning Inspectorate; but where an Adequacy of Consultation Representation is received the Planning Inspectorate must have regard to it (or them) in making its decision about whether an application is of a satisfactory standard to proceed to be examined.

This leaves us concerned.  Our district council has not statutory duty to collate and report complaints and we know that responses and complaints to RSP have gone ‘missing’ in the past which leaves us to ask – who exactly is going to have a record of the many, many complaints that people have been making?  The safest thing is to keep sending to all three and to make sure that you keep a record yourselves.  Feel free to let us have a copy too.

Richard Price | National Infrastructure Case Manager
Major Applications & Plans

Temple Quay House, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN

Direct Line: 0303 444 5654
Helpline: 0303 444 5000

Web: (National Infrastructure Planning)

Web: (The Planning Inspectorate)

Twitter: @PINSgov


3 thoughts on “Keep up the mail to the Planning Inspectorate!”

  1. Stop this ridiculous idea of reopening Manston with dirty noisy polluting old cargo planes day and night think of peoples HEALTH who wants their health to suffer if there is money to be wasted I can think of a lot better things to waste it on.
    Health b4 wealth.


  2. This proposal is disgraceful and destructive to entire communities. Do not turn Ramsgate into an unlivable squalor! I have loved my lengthy holidays there for many many years.


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