RSP consults…with only some of the residents impacted by their plans

RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) – the newly formed company that is the latest to have designs on the old Manston site – are holding a series of consultative events.  You may not have heard about them.  Most residents under the flight path have not received the direct mail from RSP that was sent to relatively few people living near the airport.  Most of Ramsgate, for example, have not received such a mail. No one living in Herne Bay, for example.  The people most impacted by having 17,000 flights a year, day and night, above their heads were not directly informed about these consultative events or the online consultation.

It really shouldn’t be for No Night Flights to tell you about this consultation either but someone has to.  Apparently they chose to direct mail people within a 2km because that’s ‘usual’ for DCO projects.  But there hasn’t ever been an aviation DCO before. And we think the impact of a major airport is way more significant than most ‘usual’ DCOs.  Don’t you?

Let RSP know what you think about their plans:

We’ve had various reports already from NNF members who have been to the consultations at Herne Bay and Broadstairs.  What seems clear is that, like their previous consultation – the one staffed by members of the Save Manston Airport Group – members of the RSP team appear quite able to contradict each other and even themselves all in the space of minutes.