“It will devastate the town we cherish.”

At No Night Flights, we’ve always argued that any serious plan for a cargo hub airport would inevitably mean night flights.  Time and again, airport supporters have told us “no, no, RiverOak (and now Belize-registered RSP) have no plans for night flights, you are just scare-mongering”. Time and again, RiverOak and now RSP have fudged on this or outrightly denied that their plans would include scheduled night flights whilst slipping in comments on their reports etc which clearly show that this has always been part of the plan.

Now it is all out in the open.  This is a game-changer, of course.  People have been persuaded over the years that ‘getting our airport back’ meant small and with no scheduled night flights.  There’s no pretence now and many who felt they were able to support an airport with no night flights are increasingly angry at this prospect and the fact that they feel they’ve been lied to.

We’re delighted at NNF that The Ramsgate Society are loud and clear in their condemnation of RSP’s plans and that they’ve urged residents to complain during the consultation.  in a clear statement, a spokesperson said this week:

“The UK’s only successful cargo-focussed airport, East Midlands, has more than half of its cargo flights come in at night – in other words, between 11pm and 7am.

“That is the nature of the air cargo market. To persuade cargo airlines to move to Manston, RSP will have to offer night flights.

“Whatever your views are about the current owner’s plans for a mixed-use redevelopment of the site, RSP’s plan has to be resisted.

“It will devastate the town we cherish and which the society, the town council and others are all seeking to regenerate and conserve its rich heritage.

“The noise impact alone of heavy, probably old, 747s flying low in and out of the airport, roughly every 20 minutes, will be enormously intrusive and destructive to the lives of all those residing and working in and around Ramsgate.”

In response, naturally, RSP bluster about not wanting scheduled night flights and seeking to minimise the number.  Don’t be fooled.  They want a cargo hub.  A cargo hub means lots of scheduled night flights.

RSP have kept communications on the details of their consultation  very quiet.  Do you live under the flight path?  Have you had a leaflet or letter from them? Probably not as their zone of those impacted by their plans is a very narrow one either side of the runway and doesn’t include most of Ramsgate, for example. Outraged? You should be.

Find RSP’s consultation information here.

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