“But RSP don’t want night flights…”

In one of her weighty reports, RSP’s old time friend and ‘aviation expert’, Dr Sally Dixon slipped in a very interesting fact.  Well, very interesting to us at No Night Flights.  She writes that most direct employees of the airport will work in twelve hour shifts. Shift change is expected to be at 0700 and at 1900.  So that’s people working 12 hours shifts and those shifts changing at those morning and evening times.

This is interesting because it indicates the 24/7 coverage that we’ve been on about, the need for staff to deal with flights coming in day and night.  If you weren’t operating scheduled night flights then work on daytime flights would be complete shortly after 23.00 each day.  If you weren’t operating scheduled night flights, you wouldn’t be having flights arrive before 7am so your staff wouldn’t need to be in much in advance of that time. If you weren’t operating scheduled night flights you wouldn’t need your staff working between, let’s say, 1 in the morning and 5 in the morning.  Would you?

As we’ve always said at No Night Flights, a successful cargo hub would inevitably mean night flights and lots of them.  Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.

2 thoughts on ““But RSP don’t want night flights…””

  1. Next day deliveries are a big part of air freight business. Perhaps not surprisingly planes fly at night, for shipment the next day. Imagine Manston telling the likes of FedEx, UPS, Amazon, TNT etc that it can’t accommodate overnight deliveries. Do these idiots really think the big shipping companies will send next day freight to one cargo hub and the rest to Manston? Of course not! If Manston and RSO are to stand the remotest chance to lure shippers to a remote airport in Thanet (that doesn’t have a fuel line BTW and has to rely on shipping in fuel by road!) then they will be required by the shippers to accept night flights. And the hard work of so many to build up Ramsgate and the surrounding area will all be put at risk as residents and tourists abandon the area.


  2. As someone who lives under the flight path in to Manston airport, and have been enjoying the peace and quiet of the last three years since closure of Manston, I did not think that I would have to be worrying about night flights once more. My position over the airport has always been that day flights are something that I have to put up with, as the airport was there long before I bought my current home. However, night flight always were sporadic, and though annoying, rarely troubled me. What is now being proposed, is on a very different level, and the people most in favour of reopening the airport, including both of our MPs, will not have to live with the consequences of regular night flights. Our elected MPs have a duty to listen to the residents who will be directly affected by these night flights, but are both so preoccupied with the airport becoming a 24 hour freight hub, that they do not appear to care.
    Perhaps they would like to tell us how they would feel about planes flying over their rooftops all night.


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