Would a successful cargo airport at Manston mean night flights?

Here’s a report from 2016:

Would a successful cargo airport at Manston mean scheduled night flights?  RiverOak say that it won’t.  However, the team at RiverOak lack any experience of running any airport let alone a successful cargo airport.

Eurocontrol is responsible for helping to run ‘safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly air traffice operations throughout the European region’ and have considerable experience.  It is Eurocontrol’s Network Manager that manages the entire air traffic movement network or nearly 10 million flights a year, working with airspace users, airports, the military etc.

Eurocontrol have experience and expertise. On cargo operations, they had this to say:

“Informed observations about cargo cannot be made without also understanding night operations, and vice versa.

The most significant segment in the night is indisputably all-cargo; nearly half of all cargo flights take place at night.

The European cargo fleet is quite old compared to the passenger fleet: 50% of the cargo freighters are older than 23 years (compared to 20 years old for the passenger fleet).

The night is the most important to all-cargo flights. Out of all the different market segments the highest proportion of its flights occur at night: 24% in the deep night (i.e. between 00.00 and 04.59) and 42% during the night (23.00 – 07.00).”

It’s clear then that if RiverOak intend a huge cargo operation, scheduled night flights are inevitable.  If they say that they will not need night flights they are either not even going  to try for a commercially successful operation or they are simply not telling us the truth.

Fast forward to 2017 and the newly-formed, Belize registered RSP are still pushing the same story to the faithful, that night flights won’t be needed.  It’s simply not true – a commercially successful cargo hub airport would demand scheduled night flights.

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